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Working during COVID-19

Whether you have been going to work or you’ve been working from home, COVID-19 will have changed the way you work and even live your life. Not only can workplace stress lead to a burnout, people are now fighting strong emotions like fear and anxiety. Will working ever be the same again? That’s a question a lot of people would like to know the answer to, it’s fair to say there certainly hasn’t been anything like this during any of our time on earth.

With all this being said, we can’t forget about our amazing NHS staff and key workers. They have been the real back bone of this pandemic, saving thousands of lives and ensuring we can still go to stores for essential items.

Like many businesses, we have the first hand experience of running a business throughout COVID-19 and like anyone else would tell you, it’s definitely came with an array of problems. Not only this, but we have also had the struggle of growing our business during a pandemic, as Social Stamp was founded just before the start of the pandemic. Resilience, passion and team work have been the main key factors to our growth. These qualities are fundamental to a business growing at any time, but they are relied on that little bit more during these tough tones.

The nature of our business and the industry we work in, has lead to our services being in even greater demand. With businesses being closed and only being accessible online, social media and their online presence became even more vital to the business making money. Even with restrictions being lifted now, some people are still not willing to risk being outside in crowded spaces and would much prefer to still shop online. We see it like this… social media has became companies shop window, in the sense that this is a customers first impression of your business. If you looked in a shop window and the shop didn’t look too appealing, chances are you aren’t going to buy from there.

Social Stamp’s tips to working during the pandemic:

1. Create a routine and stick to it

2. Ensure you’re having regular breaks

3. Set your boundaries

4. Stay connected with your loved ones

5. Be mindful of others and how they feel

6. Be kind to yourself

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