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  • Missy McKenna

How can social media benefit your sports team?

If you're asking yourself, can social media benefit a sports team, is there any need for it? The answer is yes! Running a sports team costs money and by having a social media profile you can open your avenues for revenue. Most sports teams have sponsors which can bring money to the team, so having a social media page can help bring in better sponsors with more leverage. Another way that social media is useful is for the trending aspect of it, a lot of sports teams post videos of training and game highlights on social media, especially those videos that are different can sometimes tend to trend online.

Why does a sports team need marketing?

Despite being a sports team, they are still a business and without any money coming in there would be no team. When the team is holding trials, needs a new player or new coaching staff where’s a better place for you to advertise this other than your own page. Not only is social media a useful tool for the players and team involved, but it is also a massive part of your supporters information too. When your team plays and you are unable to attend the game, they are going to be looking over your social media accounts for updates on the scores. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, this is a more than likely outcome, it allows you to show your followers what happening at the game without them having to be there.


A lot of players require help when it comes to controlling their online presence and who can expect them to be? They've got a lot to be doing without the extra stress of trying to manage their social media accounts. Allow our experts to take on that task, with strategies and campaigns we create, it will make the whole process effortless for yourself whilst seeing amazing results.

Social media isn’t just for big brands, it can help everyone and with us at Social Stamp we can build it up! Allow us to make a stamp on your social, whether you’re a small team, or training academy let us build your audience and opportunities.


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