5 Reasons To Have A Facebook Conversation Calendar.

First of all we should clarify what a Conversation Calendar is right?

A Conversation Calendar is a (usually weekly) schedule for the types of post that Fans can expect on different days of the week.

For example if you are a local café you might want to do the following:

On Mondays you could have a recipe focus and ask for feedback on what dishes or drinks people have enjoyed.

Tuesdays could be the day for your café trivia quiz on Facebook.

On Wednesdays it might be the caption competition for a picture that you post with a free coffee voucher for the best or funniest.

Thursday could be for a weekly prize give-away; ask a question or set a task.

Friday could be your photo wall with customers posting their favourites of them and their friends in one of your cafes, tagging friends they have met there.

Saturday could be Facebook Fan morning at the café with Fans getting free coffees and having their names announced on your Facebook Page.

Sunday could be Newspaper day with links to articles in the Sunday papers online and people encouraged to talk about the articles and post about the ones that they are reading.

You can think up your own ideas, but those above illustrate it well (by all means feel free to use the ideas)! Each day you do not have to exclusively post on the subjects ear-marked for that day, but there should be at least one on-topic post per day. Remember you should be posting probably 3-5 posts per day at least, so fill up the rest of the day with other fantastic content.

Another tip is to ‘headline’ each post – in the above example you could call Friday – ‘Friday Photos’ – put this at the start of each relevant post to identify it.

Having a Conversation Calendar does not mean you can relax how engaging your content is – it just helps to set a context for what types of great content you publish and when.

You can extend the Conversation Calendar to work in months too – maybe the first week of each month has a certain theme, the second week a different theme and so on. Or have a theme for the month. June could be Columbian coffee month for example.

Here are the 5 reasons for implementing one:

1. It’s a way of keeping your Facebook Business Page organised and structured

It always helps to have a structure to your Business Facebook Page – not only does it help to keep it more organized and looking professional, it keeps your Facebook Fans coming back for your engaging content; they know what to expect and when. If they saw something engaging on a Tuesday and you have told them that there will be similar or continuing content next Tuesday – they will be looking out for it and coming back.

2. It sets your Fan’s expectations and ‘cliff-hangers’ keep them coming back

If they know that they enjoy a particular post of yours on a Tuesday, tell them that there will be another instalment next Tuesday, and leave them wanting more. Maybe it is a video series of how to make the perfect coffee. Don’t give them everything in one day; maybe talk about the coffee beans on the first Tuesday, how to prepare the milk on the second and how to put everything together on the third… you get the idea. Maybe a prize is available for the best tasting coffee? If they come down to your café on the 4th Tuesday, make their coffee and it is judged by a tasting panel… yes, ok, you can use that idea too…

3. It makes it easier to share the Facebook fun (workload!) around the office

If you are a medium sized or larger company and there is more than one person updating and working on your Facebook Page, it makes sense to assign the work according to different days. This keeps the tone consistent on each topic, and gives the member of staff a sense of responsibility for a particular project or day…

Also you may tend to get groups of people giving feedback on a particular topic they follow. This also means that a relationship is built between the member of staff that manages that topic/day and the fans that usually comment. In our experience it makes a huge difference if you are talking on Facebook to a fan that you were talking to a few weeks ago and you reference something mentioned in the earlier discussion – makes the conversation much more real and gives a personal touch.

4. It helps you to plan resource to keep the Facebook conversation going

Social media automation – (Hootsuite, Sendible etc.) can schedule the types of posts for the different days; mush easier to plan with a Conversation Calendar. But another benefit is assigning resource to keep the conversation going (talking and answering questions from your Fans after their interest has been ignited with your engaging posts).

The key here is – if you know that your Tuesday post if most popular, you know you should assign most resource for that day to talk with your Fans, or at least get your best Facebook Jockey on the case!

5. It enables you to analyse your audience and post timings more accurately

Keeping your posts organised and topics assigned to each day makes their impact easier to measure. You can compare this Tuesday with last Tuesday and assess what impact things like changing post times has. If your content is similar each Tuesday, but you tried adjusting the times of your post over last week you can say that it was the timings that made the difference – not the content. Use Facebook Insights to measure and analyse this.

That’s it for now let us know how you get on. Please post your comments below.

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